Editorial October 2010

Editorial  October 2010

The Medical Ethics Alliance is over fourteen years old. Some would say it is still a troublesome teenager! We have not been shy of expressing an unashamedly Hippocratic position, supported in part by a number of World Faiths. Besides promoting and encouraging discussion within the medical profession, we have contributed to  public debates and actively participate in other alliances such as Care Not Killing which is opposing euthanasia and assisted suicide in the public square.

We are also regularly  consulted by professional bodies and our most recent contribution  to the GMC`s  committee on child protection,  is summarised  below, together with an earlier submission on the religious beliefs and values of doctors.

 Despite the rise of secularism of a particularly intolerant stripe, there is a growing interest in what faith and traditional medical ethics offers. The twenty first century is arguably a century of renewed interest in religious belief.

 We reproduce two important declarations of principle, the Declaration of Gdansk, from the Catholic medical associations of Europe and an important Islamic Declaration.

As ever, we invite comments and are pleased to learn that Ethics and Wisdom in Medicine is read world wide.

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