Statement of Islamic medical care principles regarding doctors and others providing medical care

Doctors should do their best to preserve and protect the life of the patient
(Hippocratic tradition).
The Intention should be always pro-life and all actions should reflect that.
Efforts should be made to return the patient to good health.
In accordance with the above three principles, the best, most appropriate medical
treatment should be given to patients along with the best nursing care.
Food and fluid is a basic need for all people and is the right of every patient. It
is not allowed to withdraw food and fluid at any time except when they may not be
absorbed by the body as might occur in the final stages of the dying process. Food
and fluid is a basic need not medical treatment.
No doctor should play God. It is not for a doctor to make a decision about the value
of a person’s life based on his or her quality of life.
Safe, effective pain killers may be used to alleviate suffering.
Children and adults with disabilities have Equal rights to life and ethical medical
treatment, like any other patient.
It is forbidden to take any step to hasten the death of the patient (active/passive
euthanasia and assisted suicide are forbidden in Islam)
Doctors should respect every patient as a human being, as well as his/her religious
During the dying process, it may by right to withhold medical treatment but
palliative care, i.e. keeping the patient comfortable and pain free, may always be

Regarding patients

To look for the appropriate safe effective treatment, because we are taught that for
every disease there is a cure.
GOD Almighty is the real HEALER, doctors and medicine are the necessary means for
getting the healing!
The Moment of death has been fixed only by the Creator (natural death).
Medical treatment allowed in Islam should be (Halal/permissible), except in
emergency when there is no substitute or replacement.
Patience and Tolerance of one’s illness and suffering are great Islamic virtues and
are highly rewarded by GOD. (Angels are surrounding the patient).
It is forbidden to hasten your own death or to take any suicidal step or to ask the
doctor or any one to end your life.
Living wills (death wills) are forbidden in Islam. However it is a duty on every
Muslim to write early and in advance the Will with regards to inheritance.
Prayers and spiritual support are to be encouraged as we believe they are effective
in reducing suffering and curing the illness.
Visiting the sick patient is highly recommended and is highly rewarded by GOD
Care from the patient’s family, social support, and hospice care are to be
encouraged all the times

Dr A.Majid Katme (MBBCh, DPM)

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