A coalition of six organisations, three faith based, and three dedicated to the Hippocratic tradition

Its purpose is to promote discussion within the medical profession and general public on medical ethics.

The Faiths represented are Islam and Christianity. It also has advisors from Judaism and the Indic Religions

The Hippocratic organisations look to the post war Declaration of Geneva, which brings the Hippocratic Oath into the twentieth century.


We do not seek to unify our belief systems but seek to bring the different world views to bear on specific contemporary questions.

Examples have been the use of the human embryo for scientific research

Organ transplantation

And currently treatment at the end of life. At the moment this has become a big question especially in the media.

Underlying our work is an acceptance that all of medicine is inspired by a belief in the value of human life and the inestimable worth of the individual person whatever their condition or ability.

There is an implicit belief  that all professionals in medicine can have an understanding of what is right and that the truth can be found by reasoning.

It is certain that religious faith is  itself open to reason and that people of faith can enter into conversation with all persons of good will.

In fact when a question arises,  the members of the coalition are asked their views and there is usually a large degree of agreement.

The MEA maintains a web site and publishes on line. It also  holds meetings for health professions.

An example being the conference on the twentieth of June this year entitled  “Natural death – is a pathway needed”

This  questioned one of the current pathways of care give to those thought to be dying in the NHS today. It has generated a great deal of public interest.

For our website.

google   “The Medical Ethics Alliance”

And web journal

“Ethics and Wisdom in Medicine”

Dr A Cole


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